Please see below for details of how to use this site.

PLEASE READ: How to use this site

This site is intended as a shop window only.  It has been put together in a hurry in response to the pandemic so is a bit rough and ready.  You can't buy through this site - it is only intended to display goods that we sell.  At present orders are only being taken at the following times: By phone between 9am and 10am Monday to Friday and by Email from 9am Monday to Friday until that days capacity for delivery has been reached.  If you don't hear back from us that day I'm afraid you haven't made the cut and will need to resubmit your order the next day.  Not an ideal process but it makes it fair for everyone.

To view the different products click on 'Items' at the top of the page.  Click on a product category to view the products in the category.  PLEASE NOTE that with for example Geraniums if you click on the image it will then show you all the different colours that we have available.  Many of the items displayed it shows the price underneath the image as zero - the item price can generally be viewed in the image.  For the avoidance of doubt they are not free!